Mannigfaltig | Music by Dominik Eulberg


21.00 - 23.00 CEST

Dominik Eulberg has been an internationally active musician for more than 25 years, a passionate nature lover and biologist at heart. The raising of awareness for nature and the protection of our native biodiversity is something that has been in his heart since his childhood. He is also an author, an ambassador for many nature conservation organisations and currently nominated for the German Environmental Award for his activities.

We are currently playing "Russian roulette" with our planet and are heading towards the abyss with our eyes open, threatening to abolish ourselves as Homo suicidials. Because everything that goes against nature goes against us humans in the end. But we only protect what we appreciate. That is why it is so important to sensitise our fellow human beings to the causal connections and the importance of nature as our basis of life.

In order to make a contribution and build bridges, Eulberg has designed and realised a visual live show. It picks up the recipients, reawakens the childlike amazement about the beauty and sophistication of nature and shows why it is the greate